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Honey Cake

Gina’s Hair Raising Honey Cake

This cake was first published in 2011 in ‘the food the stories the sisterhood‘ and came to us from an old friend Gina who made it for many years at Rosh Hashanah. It is, without a doubt, the best, most moist and delicious honey cake around. Its name came from the time when Gina was avidly […]

Carrot Tzimmes

Aunty Myrna’s Tzimmes

Soft, Sweet, Glazed Carrots for the Jewish New Year Tzimmes is a traditional recipe for Jewish New Year – slow cooked, very sweet glazed carrots. The dish represents the wish for a sweet (honey) and prosperous (the carrot ‘coins’) new year. It is served as a side dish and sometimes is cooked with dumplings and prunes in it. This […]

Honey Biscuits

Ruth’s Honey Biscuits

These wonderful honey biscuits come from the kitchen of Ruth Breckler in Perth. We love them! We quite fancy them a few days after baking when they start to get a little soft. They are PERFECT with a cuppa! These biscuits are very special to Ruth as the recipe originates from her late mother and grandmother. […]


A Shabbat Staple: Avocado Dip

A Monday Morning Cooking Club Essential Recipe: Natanya’s Guacamole I know anyone who has ever (or not) set foot in the kitchen has their own version of an avocado dip, and probably thinks ‘why do we need another?’ Well, let me tell you, I used to think the same… until I tried this! The recipe […]


Merelyn’s White Soup

. . . That’s Slightly Green! So here’s the story. I like to walk through the fruit and veg shop and choose a colour for my soup.  It could’ve been red (tomato, capsicum, chilli…) or green (zucchini, pea, mint…). But today it’s white. With a tinge of green. I’ve picked all my favourite ‘white’ veggies, added […]

Cabbage Rolls


FOODIE FLASHBACK FRIDAY . . . FOR LET’S LUNCH Once every month, I post a recipe as part of the virtual lunch table known as #LetsLunch. Anyone interested can join this monthly ‘lunch date’ at any time. I adore all the posts from the U.S but would really love to see more Aussies be a […]


Monday Morning Cooking Club Minestrone

Minestrone Our Way – Quick Prep, Slow Cooked, Super Delicious, Really Simple We’ve fallen in love with this minestrone. It is such a simple recipe – but the long cooking time provides a beautiful richness and depth of flavour. If it is too thick towards the end of cooking, add some more water. If you […]

mars bar

Mars Bar Slice

A Revival of an Old Favourite This is a recipe that has been hidden for more than 10 years. It is from my original handwritten recipe book, and is one of those recipes that (over the years) became invisible.  I am unsure of its origin and I haven’t made it in years. But when I […]


David Lebovitz’ Italian Almond Cookies

Without a doubt, one of our favourite food writers is David Lebovitz. He’s funny. Really funny. He writes well. His recipes work. And he’s funny. So a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves in a nut frenzy. This frenzy started when we were to go on a very serious Sydney radio station to talk about […]


Jewish-Chinese Brisket

Sunday Night Brisket. A ‘Fusion’ Dish of Jewish-Chinese Heritage. You may look at this recipe and think that it’s not Jewish at all, and you may have a point.  This cut of meat, however, and the basic way of cooking it, is attributed (by me!) to my mother Paula. She makes the ‘Jewish’ version of […]

almond kifli

Almond Kifli Bonus Recipe

This treasured family recipe comes from the kitchen of Sharon Katz. The kifli have become an MMCC favourite since this recipe was published in ‘Monday Morning Cooking Club – the food, the stories, the sisterhood’ in 2011. Looking for these amazing Heilala products? Find them here. Use coupon code MMCC2014 for 20% off until 31.07.14!


Salmon Tartare for #LetsLunch

Let’s Lunch, July 2011 I am so chuffed to be part of a great twitter bunch called the ‘Lets Lunch bunch’ – a group from all over the world (started by Cheryl Tan, author of “Tiger in the kitchen” , a delectable and beautiful food memoir that I am reading/can’t put down at the moment, […]

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hot russian borscht

Hot Russian Borscht

A Recipe to Warm the Cockles of Your Heart This recipe comes from the late Manya ‘Booby’ Boorder and was published in Monday Morning Cooking Club. It was posted for #LetsLunch to celebrate the winter olympics in 2014. Borscht is as much a part of the Russian culture as matzo ball soup is for the […]