The Collection: 2021 Weekend Inspiration
Every couple of weeks on social media,
we share three things for a bit of weekend inspo. And here they are!

A delicious TREAT: Rhubarb + Custard Hand Pie from Fred’s Paddington – be early!

 An outstanding EAT: the lushest finger bun at Humble Bakery, Sydney

A perfect DRINK: the most appetising of aperitifs, campari, orange, soda, ice. 

EAT the extraordinary Bam Bam Egg Nasi Bam Bam Bakehouse (Mermaid Beach). So fab!

 A buy-right-now EAT: Reuben Sandwich from Coin Laundry, Malvern East (Melbourne) 

A fine SPREAD: a combo of Oomite and Pepe Saya butter to spread on your toast. Idea for lovers of Vegemite toast!

 A ridiculously good EAT: Sofglietelle at the Roman bakery at Marta, Rushcutters Bay (Sydney)

A luscious FEEL: soft faux-furry Tonic Australia heat pack. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

An inspiring LISTEN:  A Plate to Call Home: Jason Roberts + the light at the end of the tunnel

A wonderful WATCHSomebody Feed Phil. On Netflix. Delicious, hilarious, unexpected. 

An exhilarating SEE: ‘Come from Away’, the incredible and uplifting musical Sydney.

An inspiring LISTEN: Deep in the Weeds Podcast: Jane Strode, the Sun Rises on a New Day

A thought-provoking READ: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig 

READ (or LISTEN  on Audible) the heartwarming, inspiring memoir by Eddie Jaku, The Happiest Man on Earth

An extremely hot WATCHChef’s Table BBQ on Netflix, featuring Australia’s Lennox Hastie alongside BBQ legends. 



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