Walking up an Appetite: Are You Ready?

A brand new youtube series from Lisa Goldberg.

We have the BIGGEST news!!

The entire first season of Lisa’s brand new hot-off-the press YouTube series is now live on YouTube.


In a mouthwatering, deliciously real and hugely entertaining series –  Walking Up an Appetite –  our Chief Pot Stirrer Lisa shares the things she LOVES to do – eat, walk, chat, discover and cook. 

In each delectable episode, Lisa walks around 10 km through the streets, parks and beaches of Sydney visiting 3 fabulous food venues to share 3 outstanding versions of the same dish – it might be a hot brisket sandwich, a golden croissant or a steaming bowl of pho. Get ready for special guests, suburb snippets, tantalizing behind-the-scenes footage and new places, faces and tastes. And, after all the steps and km have been counted, we meet in Lisa’s kitchen to cook something inspired by the day. But a word of warning, serious, irresistible cravings will definitely follow.

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“There’s got to be joy in the journey and deliciousness in the destination!”



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  1. ellen

    love her program and recipes

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There is a little light up ahead 🕎
Chanukah is coming.

We all need a little love.
And we definitely need a lot of latkes.

Hope you can join me, in collab with @zdvoaus, for a ‘LATKE + LOVE’ cook along.
Monday 11th Dec 5 pm AEDT on Zoom.

It costs $18 and proceeds will support injured soldiers and victims of terror in Israel.

Click on the linktree link in my insta profile or paste this into your browser: trybooking.com/CNUOA to book. Once you book you’ll receive the recipe and the zoom link.

And I’ll give you my thoughts on the Chanukah story later in the week🤓!

#chanukah #latkes

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It has to stop.

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