Recipes for Passover (Part 4) – 2020

It's a different sort of Pesach this year. But we still need to eat.


We are thrilled to share Now for Something Sweet (our new book!) with you for Pesach this year, although Pesach 2020 will be different to every other one we have had. We hope and pray that by Pesach 2021 all will be well in the world.

Everyone’s Seder tables will be smaller than usual, and many of us (myself included) will be cooking a complete Seder for the first time. 

Despite everything going on around us, we all still need to eat. 

So there is only one thing to do – let’s cook.

If you have a copy of our new book, this list will help you find the recipes just PERFECT for Pesach.

If you don’t yet have the book, you can buy it through our online shop, through your local bookstore (many of whom are delivering now), Booktopia or Amazon. We promise you will love it!

We are always happy to answer any queries about menus, recipes, Pesach ideas – just comment on this post or contact us through FB or instagram.


Sweet Treats for Pesach in ‘Now for the Something Sweet

Dairy dessert/cakes

almond meringue torte p. 88 (see youtube video below)

charoset ice cream p. 242

chocolate hazelnut bon vivant p. 75

coconut and passionfruit slab cake p. 142

double chocolate nut cake p. 73

flourless chocolate brownies p. 66

white chocolate and passionfruit mousse p. 244


brown sugar nutties  p. 24 (click on link for recipe!)

choc coconut macaroons p. 25

Non-dairy dessert/cake

chocolate hazelnut cake p. 70

chocolate meringues p. 275

espresso prunes p. 237

Passover citrus sponge p. 117

Passover nut chiffon p. 123

Passover pear cake p. 57


dried apricot jam p. 128

nut and date coins p. 268

Check out Pesach 2020: The Ultimate Recipe Guide so many amazing recipes and videos plus fabulous Pesach ideas from our four books.

Also, don’t forget about these posts outlining all the Pesach-friendly recipes recipes in each of our books.

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  2. Pesach Recipes PART 2, 2014
  3. Pesach Recipes PART 3, 2017

Wishing you all a happy and most of all healthy Passover 2020. And please, lay low and stay healthy!!

The MMCC girls xxxx



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  1. Angela

    Almonds meringue torte looks amazing but ingredients aren’t listen on the YouTube video. Please can you provide.

    (Ps. Ordering your cookbooks for myself and my sister in laws now! Thank you so much 🙏🏻)

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