Recipes for Passover (Part 1): Monday Morning Cooking Club

Got a copy of ‘Monday Morning Cooking Club – the food, the stories, the sisterhood’?

Let’s help with Passover!




Savoury recipes for Pesach:

Carole’s Roast Beef (page 229)

Gaz’s Baby Peri Peri Chickens (page 130)

Marny’s Roasted Baby Potato Salad with capers (page 217)
(substitute regular for white balsamic if you can’t find it)

Railea’s Slow Roasted Fragrant Spring Lamb (page 47)

Merrylin’s Salt Beef (page 98)

Jacqui’s Cucumber Salad (page 133)

Paula’s Brisket with Ulnyik (page 80) (recipe and video here)


Sweet ideas for Pesach:

Barbara’s Blood Orange Compote (page 239)

Felicia’s Chocolate Almond Florentines  (page 140)

Zina’s Nana’s Nuts  (page 164) – pictured below

Kathy’s Buche de Chocolat (page 255) (or here)

Judy’s slow-roasted pears (page 179) (or here)

Sharon’s Pavlova (page 120)

Zina’s Pastilla (page 165)

Carol’s Flourless Chocolate Cake (page 211)

Passover Almond Bread (page 212)


 Dairy Lunch menu for Pesach

Manya’s Booby’s Traditional Cold Borscht  (page 24)

Lisa’s Egg and Onion (page 78) (or here)

Kukuye Sabsi (persian omelette) (page 256) (or here)

Judy’s Gravalax   (page 176)

Sharon’s Buba’s Eggplant  (page 71)

Gretta Anna’s Baked Custard with Crushed Strawberries (page 246)


Need more Pesach inspiration. See Part 2 , Part 3 and Part 4.

And our 2020 Annual Recipe Roundup.



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