The 2021 Rosh Roundup.

We’ve cut it down to the essential eight.

The recipes that every Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) celebration needs.

ONE. Honey Glazed Brisket .

Soft, succulent brisket with honey glazed carrots and potatoes. 

honey glazed brisket

TWO. Israeli Rice Pilaf.

The perfect side dish. Fluffy basmati rice studded with sweetness and crunch.

THREE. Aunty Myrna’s Carrot Tzimmes.

Soft, sweet honeyed carrots.

FOUR. Dried Fruit Kompot.

A lovely, simple, do-ahead dessert.

FIVE. Sticky Pears.

Slow cooked, sticky, spectacular pears.

SIX. Honey Cake. 

The classic. The best. Make it a few days ahead!

SEVEN. Teiglach.

An iconic South African sweet syrup biscuit. Here’s the complete video with the teiglach queen, Karyn Moskow.

EIGHT. Soft Honey Biscuits.

A divine, slightly soft, very dippable honey biscuit. So good.


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  1. Talia Hirschowitz

    Hi how do we purchase these recipes ?

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Many of you know I have been on the growing 'don't buy Tassie salmon' bandwagon since reading Richard Flanagan's book Toxic about a year ago. It was shocking to see the state of the industry, and even more shocking that we thought we were eating something that was really good for us. This just-released video has strengthened my resolve (which I have to admit was waning as I am not sure how much impact we have all had) to continue and to spread the word.

Please share this post, or any post supporting this stand, it is such an important message - especially for those of us who used to love eating Tassie salmon.

And sadly this also applies to all the smoked salmon from Tassie including @huonsalmon which we all used to love.

Click on the link in our profile for the original @neighbours_of_fish_farming video. 🙏🏻 @joostbakker for posting the video, that's where I first saw it.

I have been buying NZ king salmon @regalsalmonnz @orakingsalmon and @alpinesalmon (Mt Cook, NZ, can buy at @harrisfarmmarkets) and exploring many other fish options. Check out @goodfishproject for an excellent guide to what we should be buying here in Aus.

We also need to rally the big buyers in Aus - @colessupermarkets @woolworths_au to stop buying farmed Tassie salmon until the industry has been cleaned up.

(btw when we were in beautiful Tassie last year, not one restaurant we went to served salmon. Doesn't that say something?)

Lisa x

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