The Girls of the Monday Morning Cooking Club

Join the girls of the Monday Morning Cooking Club as we sit down to a delicious morning tea of chocolate yeast kugelhopf and frozen lemon meringue.

Time for Morning Tea with the Girls?

Join the girls of the Monday Morning Cooking Club as we sit down to a delicious morning tea of chocolate yeast kugelhopf and frozen lemon meringue, and share a little insight into Monday mornings and our passion for all things recipes.

Thanks to the talented team at Broken Yellow and David Morgan, the videos are SO beautiful and will immediately entice you into the kitchen – hopefully to cook, definitely to eat!



Check out our fabulous short series of recipe videos highlighting some of our favourite recipes from Monday Morning Cooking Club and The Feast Goes On:






Want to see the recipes?

They’re all here: Challah, Ultimate Shabbat Lunch, Chicken Soup and Matzo Balls, Middle Eastern Crunch Salad, Clay Pot Snapper, Frozen Lemon Meringue and Chocolate Yeast Kugelhopf.

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Did you love this recipe? Don’t miss out on our original collection in “Monday Morning Cooking Club” our latest collection in “The Feast Goes On

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Now for Something Sweet

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To all those celebrating🎉Jewish New Year, we wish you a Shana Tova and a sweet, happy, healthy and pandemic-free year ahead😘.⁠

May your briskets🐄 be succulent and your honey cakes🍯 moist and sticky.⁠

And to all those not participating in the celebrations, we wish you exactly the same wishes for the remainder of 2020😘!⁠

Lots of love and big virtual hugs to all.⁠
Signing off now for a couple of days while we dive into a honey cake or two....⁠

(This is the incredible new honey chiffon cake from Now for Something Sweet)


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Stuck for sides?⁠

Don't forget our Israeli Rice Pilaf for this weekend's feasting.⁠

Click on the link in our profile to watch the Zoom Cookalong video and you'll have a fluffy, flavour-packed, currant and pine nut-studded rice dish ready to go.⁠

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