Cinnamon Buns on The Circle.

The MMCC girls shared Jane's amazing cinnamon buns with The Circle.

Lisa and Merelyn had a great morning on Channel 10’s The Circle, cooking up some fabulous cinnamon buns with Indira Naidoo and Yumi Stynes. This recipe (also known as ‘Bulkas’) comes from Jane Grossberg who, together with her late granny Cela and her mother Barbie, has made these part of her own special family tradition. The recipe originates from their dear family friend in South Africa, Irene, who was always known to make the best cinnamon buns. In the book, Jane shares the wonderful story of what the buns now mean to her and her sisters’ families. They are simple to make, so delicious and will fill your kitchen with the intoxicating smells of yeast and cinnamon. The recipe can be found in the book, or on The Circle‘s website.


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One Comment

  1. Hannah

    Hi There! Do you happen to have a parev version of these? Or know what might work.. Was thinking soy milk, marg but not sure what to substitute for the cream.
    Thanks so much!!!

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