The Circle: Cinnamon Apple Pie and Almond Kifli

Chrissie Swan and Yumi Stynes from The Circle (Channel 10) discovered the book, and fell in love with Maxine's Cinnamon Apple Pie...

It’s a long story but, thanks to the lovely and talented Indira Naidoo, the girls from The Circle (Channel 10, weekday mornings at 9 a.m.) – Chrissie Swan and Yumi Stynes – fell in love with our book. They found themselves one day with a spare cooking segment, and they made a couple of their favourite things from the book. We were thrilled to bits! Chrissie called Maxine’s Cinnamon Apple Pie a ‘life changing apple pie’. Not bad! And they made Sharon’s almond kifli so beautifully! The video clip is funny, engaging and definitely worth watching.




  1. Ruth

    Made the Custard Chiffon Cake and also the Rice Paprikash both turned out so well

    thank you for your recipes

  2. Lincoln

    The apple pie is, by far, one of the best things I have made in my 13 years of cooking. It is just amazing, an absolute must try recipe. Amazing ladies, thank you!

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