The Spice of (Monday Morning Cooking Club’s) Life

Does this answer all your spicy questions?

So many of our wonderful recipes have the usual spices – the ones we all recognize – such as cinnamon, cumin, coriander, paprika and turmeric – and many have more usual and unusual spice mixes like curry powder and sumac to ras el hanout and baharat.

We always make a point of explaining in the recipe what the spice or spice mix is made of, and often give suggestions on how to make your own at home. We have bouquet garni in our Beef Bourguignon, ras el hanout in our slow cooked beef and baharat in our chicken tebeet. And in our Claypot Snapper, you can find Monday Morning Cooking Club’s  very own ‘Ata’s Spice Mix’.

Here’s a great guide from Health Perch which will hopefully answer all your spice questions.

If you still have spice questions, we’d love to hear them…and we promise that someone in our diverse online Monday Morning Cooking Club community can find the answer.

Mix It Up: Spices From Around the World Infographic
“Mix It Up” on Health Perch


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To all the people who called me a Zionist this week, thank you.

I am a proud Zionist so I appreciate the compliment!

I am fed up atm with allllll the lies being told and allllll the words being misused.

So can we please talk about the word ZIONISM?

If I’m a Zionist it means I believe that Israel has a right to exist as the homeland for the Jewish people. That’s it.

I believe that Israel should NOT be wiped off the map.

I believe in Israel’s existence, but not necessarily with all of its policies and government decisions.

I believe the Palestinian people have a right to create their own homeland. It’s a bloody shame they didn’t take what was offered in 1947, again in 1967 and beyond.

I believe in a TWO STATE SOLUTION - a Palestinian state alongside a Jewish state.

I believe the Jewish people deserve a safe haven from violence, antisemitism and genocide.

And yes, I do think if you’re an anti-zionist you’re most likely anti-semitic.

Till next week friends, shabbat shalom and a peaceful weekend to all.

If you want to make Edith’s Plum Cake, you can find it in It’s Always About the Food. I’ve also put a link in my profile to the online recipe.

Am Yisrael chai 🇮🇱💙🇮🇱💙
L xx

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A peaceful sombre meeting at Bondi Beach today ☮️💙🇮🇱
We all want to #bringthemhome.

@bring_noa_and_avinatan @bringhomenow

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