Video clip: Merelyn makes her mum’s Custard Chiffon Cake

We thought that Mothers' Day was the perfect day to share this unique video - Merelyn's mother's Custard Chiffon Cake.

We couldn’t resist but share this unique video. The recipe can be found on page 35 of our book. It comes from Merelyn’s mother, who gave it to Merelyn shortly before sadly passing away. Merelyn treasures this recipe like no other, and feels her mother is with her every time she makes it. Have a look at this beautiful video where you will learn all the secrets of the Chiffon Cake, and gain a special insight into a special relationship.

If you need the PERFECT chiffon tin, we now have it (after searching far and wide!!) on this website. Head straight to the shop and you could be baking by the weekend! And remember, all our profits from all sales of books and kitchen equipment go straight to charity.


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  1. Debbi Weiss

    Moved to tears. That was a really great chiffon tutorial and a beautiful tribute to a special lady.

  2. Greg Weiss

    Yum yum. Loved the reference to Merelyn’s Mum and a reflection back to her childhood eating yellow cake.

  3. muppy

    What a beautiful video, and wonderful story behind such a delicious recipe 🙂 makes me think of the delicious cakes my mum would cook. it also makes me want to try this one….

  4. Ruth

    Best cake have been cooking for over 50 years.
    Have added the grated peel of a lemon to your recipe.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Lisa Goldberg

      Thanks Ruth – we are so pleased to hear that you love the cake. It is really one of our favourites! The lemon zest is a lovely idea. Happy baking!

  5. Ruth Tenzer

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m really moved because it reminds me so my late mother. Am looking forward to trying these recipes. Btw I am an ex-South African living in Israel!

  6. Anneka

    There is something incredibly special, warming and unique about recipes and food that is shared with love ones. Food memories are possibly one of the most powerful ones we have and should always be treasured…thank you for sharing Merelyn.

    1. Merelyn

      Thank you for your lovely words Anneka! Merelyn x

  7. Lauren

    Hi there!

    Just LOVE this recipe. The flavour is fantastic. Just one small issue…. When I took it out of the oven and inverted it to cool it fell out of the pan within a minute or two. It was definitely cooked through and I followed the instructions in the cookbook exactly as written. Went and bought a specific pan for it. It rose up the sides beautifully. What could I have done wrong? Next time should I skip inverting it?

    Thanks for your help, your blog and your book! I so enjoy them all!


    1. Lisa Goldberg

      Hi Lauren
      This does happen occasionally when people make it for the first time – and it has happened to each of us over the years – and it happens when it is just the tiniest bit undercooked. I assume you haven’t greased the tin? (Sorry have to ask!) Try adding 15 minutes cooking time and see how you go. If that works fine, then the next time cut off 5 minutes and so on until you get the right consistency and a cake that falls in the pan. Make a note of your cooking time.
      Let me know how you go?


    video says “private”???

  9. Maria Z

    Thank you for sharing the recipe and technique. My mother is also always with me when I’m baking or cooking.

  10. Stacy

    Love the video! Cannot wait for the new book! I have both the others and I love the stories,
    Can you tell me what is custard powder? I’m in the US. Thanks!

  11. Sandra Jowitt

    Hi This looks so good and I would love to give it a go. Would you be able to share the oven temperature and cooking time please and is it 6 egg whites?
    Thank you!

    1. Sandra Jowitt

      Replying to myself. All good now. Thanks!

  12. Carol Furman

    Hi please can you indicate what temperature you bake the custard chiffon cake and for how long? Also are the measurements the same for the UK?
    Many thanks

  13. Loryn Sevel

    Is it possible to get the recipe emailed to me. I live in South Africa and unfortunately I do not have any access to this recipe book.

    Many thanks
    Loryn Sevel

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