Introducing ‘Monday Morning Cooking Club – The Feast Goes On’

At last our baby has arrived. Mazal Tov to all!!

A Recipe and Story Book to Tantalize and Delight

We are so excited (finally, finally) to share the title and front cover of our new soon-to-be-released book. Thanks to Harper Collins Publishers Australia, we are proud to announce the arrival of Monday Morning Cooking Club – The Feast Goes On.

TFGO front cover screen shot

The gorgeous dessert featured on the front cover is a caramel torta; the recipe comes from the kitchen of Shereen Aaron, passed down to her by her late grandmother. It is a spectacular cake!

We had the most AMAZING creative team to help produce this book; all shots were spectacularly styled by David Morgan, and perfectly photographed by Alan Benson. The very talented Tania Gomes was in charge of design. How lucky we are!

The Feast Goes On features the best-loved and most delicious recipes and stories from the heart and soul of the Jewish community right across Australia.  Created by the same six of us – the ‘sisterhood’ – who put together the bestselling Monday Morning Cooking Club – the food, the stories, the sisterhood , it speaks of a community drawn together by food, telling intimate and moving stories of sharing and survival, love and hope, friendship and family.

From precious family recipes that have been lovingly handed down the generations, right through to new classics that will become instant family favourites, The Feast Goes On contains more than 100 wonderful recipes. From everyday eating to feasting, light lunches to fressing (you’ll learn all about that!), comfort food to traditional dishes, it’s a cookbook crammed with rich, wonderful ideas and flavours to nurture, nourish and inspire. We think it will feed you, body and soul.

And imagine how thrilled we are that the very gorgeous Yotam Ottolenghi has given the following praise for the book: Collecting and saving family recipes is a vital undertaking, almost (but not quite) as important as eating. The Monday Morning Cooking Club is a remarkable excursion into the realm of comfort food. You just want to eat everything.’

So how can you buy it?

The book will be in stores across Australia from 1 April 2014, and will be released in the USA and UK later in the year.

From 1st March you will be able to pre-order from our online store and we will ship it on the 24th March. The cost of the book is $50.

Low Res TFGO MMCC PR shot(The MMCC girls, L to R: Merelyn, Natanya, Lauren, Me, Jacqui, Paula)



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  1. Bill Robinson

    Mazeltov! I love the name of the new book. It is perfect. Also, thanks for putting names to the faces–now I can tell my wife exactly who I am in love with. She always says, “Oh, your people very beautiful!” Well, not always, usually at the Chabad Seder or their Chanukah parties and she is talking specifically about the children. She is Vietnamese and I don’t think she ever saw a child she didn’t love. I’ll show her your photo & tell you what she says.
    Thanks for listening. I know the book will be a big hit!
    Bill Robinson
    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  2. Sneh | Cook Republic

    Congratulations on another beautiful collection of treasured recipes and memories! The cover looks stunning and you girls look so gorgeous! I can’t wait to hold the book and cook from it 🙂 x

  3. Adelle Wigoder

    Dear MMCC I just would like to wish you all the best of luck for your new book and say that besides the wonderful recipes and food that we all enjoy as a result of the book the best part is all the money you ladies have raised for charity!Kol Hakavod to all of you may you all be blessed with good health so you can continue to do such good work. Well done and good luck!Adelle

  4. Joan Struck

    I loved your first book which I bought on a visit to South Africa. I am sure I will love the second one too. Will it be available here in Israel?
    Good luck with everything you do. I collect cookbooks and yours is a favourite.
    Joan struck, Raanana.

  5. Ruth Jeifa

    Looking forward to the US publication! Mazel Tov!

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We tried Jaks' nana's nut loaf for the first time at our working retreat for this book, back in early 2016. We spent four days locked away from all distraction, madly finishing the testing of recipes and sorting of chapters. A lot of heated debates were had, and one afternoon's tension was relieved when we all sat down with a good, strong cuppa and a thickly buttered slice of nut loaf. Disagreements were resolved, frustrations were calmed and all was good in the MMCC house.⁠

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