Venice 2013: Art, Vongole and Aperol Spritz

A trip to the Venice Biennale 2013 in photos.

If you happen to be in Italy this year, try and visit the Venice Art Biennale. The city is buzzing, the aperol is flowing, the art is overflowing and spaghetti alla vongole is everywhere. It is impossible to see it all – it’s a bit like going to disneyland and being told that you have two hours to see everything!

Here is a little snapshot tour of our trip to the Biennale for the opening week in early June. At the bottom, I have listed our art and restaurant highlights.

My Art Highlights:

Personal Structures at Palazzo Bembo

Francois Pinault’s Punta della Dogana

Giardini: We didn’t get to them all but my favourites are Australia, Israel, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Switzerland.

Arsenale: Again, we only saw a handful. The Bahamas pavillion (Tavares Strachan) is a really wonderful exhibition and China’s Wang Qingsong’s photographs are great.

My Food Highlights:

Harry’s Bar – make sure you book ahead; must have a bellini (or 3) and the amatriciana

Harry’s Dolci (On the Giudecca side of the lagoon) – bellini and the linguini with tomato and basil

Da Ivo – traditional small Venetian restaurant alongside a canal; aperol spritz and spaghetti alla vongole

Trattoria Altanella (Giudecca) – set right on the canal, simple restaurant with lovely food. Aperol spritz and spaghetti alla vongole.



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Repost @eylonalevy: Up close we can’t see it, but the Great Diaspora Awakening is a miracle. We 💙 you, Canadian Jews!🇮🇱🇨🇦

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