Charoset (pronounce ‘ch’ like an ‘h’ or the sound you make to clear your throat…ccchhhh)

Everyone’s asking about charoset! Let’s try and find ‘the best’ charoset recipe. Perhaps there really is no ‘best’, everyone just loves the one they have grown up eating. For those who have never heard of it, charoset is a dish eaten at passover to symbolize the mortar in the bricks that were used by the Jews when they were slaves in Egypt. It is a sweetish combo of (grated) apple, walnut, honey, cinnamon and sweet sacramental wine. We eat it on top of matzoh (unleavened bread). It is DELICIOUS! We would love to see some recipes posted here so we can all see and share…

DEBBIE BRENT: My absolute favourite recipe has Sephardic origins. It goes like this: Rinse 500g of dates in water. Cut them very very finely or grind them in the food processor. Cover the mashed dates in water (not toooooo much) and cook on a small flame until the mixture becomes dry, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking. This takes a long time – about 2 hours. When cool, add a large handful of mixed ground walnuts and almonds, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a little wine to make the right consistency. Makes a delicious charoset!

JO HANSKY:Peel and grate (coarsely) 2 apples, crush 1/4 cup walnuts and mix all together with 1/4 teasp cinnamon, 1 teasp honey and 1 tablesp sweet kosher wine. Taste for more of last 3 ingredients. Eat on its own, or on top of matzoh.

JUDY WILKENFELD: Lithuanian Version. Very similar to Jo’s only it uses 4 grated and peeled Granny smith Apples, Almond Meal, Cinnamon and Sweet Kosher Wine…



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