Monday Morning Cooking Club


Celebrity Endorsements

It is always wonderful to get recognition from our fans, both followers and book buyers alike. Here is a selection of our foodie favorites from around the globe.

The book is so beautifully written, photographed and presented. The recipes are mouthwatering. How about souffle pancakes, custard chiffon cake, pickled brisket, peach marscapone and raspberry trifle, perogen and betty’s fish pie.
I am offering up (with thanks) a recipe from a book I’m very fond of and have mentioned before, The Monday Morning Cooking Club
Many of the coveted recipes are generations old that might have been lost or forgotten. This is not just a cookbook it’s a book of memories and history, which has become a permanent record to be cherished and loved by generations of cooks to come.
Like Cooking From the Heart, these recipes reflect treasured memories and happy times in the kitchen.
The Monday Morning Cooking Club is definitely a keeper. I’ve already bought another three copies for friends. This is one of those recipe books that brings smiles, fabulous flavours and full tummies wherever it goes.
Now I know that there have been cooking clubs but what these gutsy gals have done is truly commendable. They have taken a local meet and cook to a whole new level.

Our Favorite Fan Recognition

It is always wonderful to get recognition from our celebrities, but it is our ardent followers and book buyers we love hearing from more than anyone. Below is a selection of our favorites from around the world.

Cooking and sharing delicious food is an intrinsic part of Jewish life, one might say the very soul of the family and community. Recipes pass from mother to daughter enriched with the tales associated with the ceremonies of everyday life and festivities. Tradition demands the cooking of specific dishes to celebrate the union of the family in both joyous and mournful times. The Jewish community has arguably the richest tapestry of culinary culture and the passion to share it for perpetuity.
Damien Pignolet
There is a beautiful poignancy about this recipe book. Sure, it’s still all about the food. But the stories and photography (by renowned food photographer Alan Benson) that accompany each recipe took me on an insightful (and delicious) journey into the kitchens of more than 60 cooks. … Monday Morning Cooking Club is definitely a keeper. I’ve already bought another three copies for friends. This is one of those recipe books that brings smiles, fabulous flavours and full tummies wherever it goes
Lisa Wolff
These recipes are not only a valuable cultural heirloom that unveils everything nurturing about the Jewish table, they are secrets to the most exquisite ‘apple strudel’ or astonishingly light ‘angel cake’ I’ve ever tasted. To see them handed down like this with such spirited generosity, is real food for the soul. Congratulations to you all. I can’t wait!
Sean Moran
Congratulations to all you girls on a truely beautiful book. I feel really humble when I read how these recipes have been passed down through the generations and the stories that go with them. Thank you so much for sharing all this history with everyone. I have seen quite a lot of recipes I am going to make. Thank you girls and thank you to your Mothers and Grandmothers and all the wonderful women before who have made these recipes accessible to me. Thank you so much, love the book.
Hi there, I was given a copy of your book last week and I wanted to let you know what a masterpiece I think it is. I have had an absolute bake-a-thon and my husband and children are thrilled with me -always a good feeling! I am leaving for a holiday tomorrow and now can’t wait to get home to keep using it. Thank you ladies for all your hard work!
Your book is a triumph, not only for hopes and dreams, but for traditional, seductive cooking. I’m off to nab a Chiffon tin & can’t wait to make those Pelushki!! Congratulations all round!
Hi ladies, I purchased your book earlier this year as I eagerly devour any cookbook that appears to have soul. However your book has become my obsession as I cannot get enough of it! I have already made many of the dishes and can’t wait to try them all. Thankyou for a wonderful book and I can’t wait for the next one ! !
Hi Ladies, just thought I’d drop you a line letting you know that this is the Best cook book I have ever purchased, I have just come back from a week away in the Blue Mountains with 3 of my girlfriends and brought your book in Leura, read it cover to cover and I hope and pray another is on the way! Well done, cant wait to start cooking.
I love the look of it: the heavy, tri-folded cover, the warm, beautifully composed photographs, and of course, the fantastic recipes. Most of all, though, it was the love of family, friends and cooking that sang through in the women’s stories and recipes.