Monday Morning Cooking Club

Third Person Biography for ‘Monday Morning Cooking Club 2020’

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We are now ready to collect information for the biography, along with the other contributors who will be featured in the book. We need to write a 200 word biography as well as an introduction to each of the recipes. We are also looking for a few sentences about each recipe. Below are questions to help guide you with the story. We only need a line or two on each question. You do not need to answer all the questions if you feel they are not relevant. The ones marked with an * are required. Once you have answered as many as possible, please send us the form by clicking ‘submit’. There is no need to worry about structure, grammar etc. - we are just after the story. Our publishing team will then write, edit and finalise her biography and recipe/s and we will send you the final draft for your approval before publication. We are working to a deadline, so we would greatly appreciate receiving your answers within two weeks. Please let us know if this is not possible. If you would prefer someone to call you and conduct an interview over the phone, please let us know by return email. If you need to speak to us on the phone, please call Lisa on +61 408 112263.

Biographies for Monday Morning Cooking Club 2020 (Third person)

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