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Mulled Wine.

Monday Morning Cooking Club: A Winter Tipple

We are celebrating the release of Cheryl Tan’s ‘Singapore Noir’, a provocative anthology of writers that capture the distinct neighborhoods and locals of one of Asia’s greatest cities. And our Let’s Lunch theme this month is the title itself: something ‘noir’.

I’m taking the easy option. It’s getting cold in Sydney, winter is showing its face. What better noir in our world than a pinot noir, and what better thing to do with a pinot noir in winter than to make a sweet and aromatic mulled wine. Light the fire, make me a cheese board, pass me my mulled wine. Yes siree, that’s happiness.

Thank you Kitchen Confidante for your beautifully photographed post and your mulled wine recipe inspiration.



A special thanks to the gorgeous blue-fingernailed Jessie Goldberg for assisting with the recipe and for being my mulled wine model!

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Mulled Wine
Servings Cook Time
5cups 1hour
Cook Time
Servings: cups
Servings: cups
  1. In a large saucepan and over a low heat, cook all the ingredients together. Continue to do so for 1 hour, ensuring that the wine does not boil.
  2. Strain before serving. Drink warm. By the fire. With a big cheese board.
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