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Monday Morning Cooking Club’s Maple Soy Salmon.

Checking out some Swiss Diamond Cookware…

I have always been mad about non-stick (and non-teflon) roasting pans, so when the Swiss Diamond deep roasting pan arrived in my kitchen I was prett-y happy. (So much so that I convinced my nephew’s bride-to-be that she MUST put one of these on her upcoming wedding gift list.) What a pan.

I have since roasted chickens, potatoes and veggies (my current fave is beetroot, carrot and eschallots with a splash of olive oil and lots of salt and pepper, roasted for 1 hour at 180C) in it. It is a really great, solid, heavy-based roasting pan that is also super-easy to clean.

Just yesterday, I made the super-fabulous slow roasted tomato sauce from The Feast Goes On in it (layered fresh tomatoes, olives, capers, anchovies), and then put the roasting pan on my stove top and tossed through the cooked spaghetti. Those of you who follow our instastories would’ve seen how well it worked. I really like roasting pans that work well on my gas cooktop, so this one ticks all the boxes.



The other pan that arrived was the Swiss Diamond Square Grill Pan. Over the years I have been through quite a few grill pans and more often than not, any marinade gets stuck and burnt in the grooves and they are impossible to clean. Not this one! Check out my side of salmon below – it was marinated in maple syrup (so it does have a tendency to burn) and you can see how easily it turned.

One of the most-often-cooked recipes from our second book, The Feast Goes Onis the Maple Soy Ocean Trout from the kitchen of Amber Schwartz. Everyone talks about this recipe! And everyone makes it – for Friday nights, for Sunday lunches, for midweek family dinners. It works because almost all the ‘work’ is done the day before.

The day before serving, buy a side of salmon, skinned and pin-boned with the tail and belly removed, so what you have is an almost rectangular side of salmon that will feed around 6 – 8 people. (You can use the offcuts for salmon tartare.) After 24 hours in the marinade, drain the salmon and cook it in the hot grill pan for just a few minutes on each side. So delicious. If you tune in to our Facebook Live video, we cooked this salmon alongside a very special salad.



NOTE: The folks at Everten Online Kitchenware were kind enough to send out these Swiss Diamond pans for us to try out. All I can say is YAY! I’ve always been a huge fan of Swiss Diamond non-stick cookware (LOVE their crepe pan!), so I was really thrilled to add a couple to the collection. Thanks Everten and Swiss Diamond!


Maple Soy Salmon.
Servings Prep Time Cook Time Passive Time
6-8people 10minutes 10minutes 24hours
Servings Prep Time
6-8people 10minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10minutes 24hours
Servings: people
Servings: people
  1. Start this recipe the day before serving. Lay the fish in a non-reactive dish. Mix the soy, maple syrup, ginger and lime in a small bowl then pour over so that the fish is covered (or just-about) with the liquid. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours, turning several times.
  2. Take the marinated fish out of the fridge two hours before cooking.
  3. Heat the grill pan to medium-high. Remove the salmon from the marinade and drain. Cook the salmon face (the side that did not have the skin) side down for a couple of minutes until it lifts up easily and has dark char lines.
  4. Using two slides, carefully turn the salmon over to cook the other side for another couple of minutes. Remove from the pan and allow to rest for at least 20 minutes, covered loosely with foil. Serve with salad.
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