It’s hamantashen time at our place.

The Jewish Festival of Purim falls on the 9th March this year.

Hamantashen is the name for the sweet three-cornered filled pastry served at Purim, representing the ears of Haman, the villain of this festival.

In our new book (out next week!) Now for Something Sweet we have revisited the original (and best) hamantashen recipe and have now teamed it with two fabulous new fillings: one inspired by baklava and the other a thickened jam to avoid all those pesky jam leakages all over the tray. 

You can also fill them with chocolate, jam, povidl (buy at gourmet produce stores or make your own), walnuts and sugar, poppyseed (a favourite filling is in Elisabeth’s beigli in our first book), nutella and sultanas…whatever takes your fancy! 

Here is the now-iconic MMCC recipe from Evy Royal for fail proof hamantashen, first published in “Monday Morning Cooking Club – the food, the stories, the sisterhood” (2011).