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Ingredients Archives: Plain (All purpose) Flour

Honey Biscuits

Ruth’s Honey Biscuits

These wonderful honey biscuits come from the kitchen of Ruth Breckler in Perth. We love them! We quite fancy them a few days after baking when they start to get a little soft. They are PERFECT with a cuppa! These biscuits are very special to Ruth as the recipe originates from her late mother and grandmother. […]

Almond Kifli-1

Almond Kifli Bonus Recipe

This treasured family recipe comes from the kitchen of Sharon Katz. The kifli have become an MMCC favourite since this recipe was published in ‘Monday Morning Cooking Club – the food, the stories, the sisterhood’ in 2011. Looking for these amazing Heilala products? Find them here. 


Spinach and Three Cheese Coils

Al Fresco Dining ? Here’s A Perfect Party Pastry! Once every month, I post a recipe as part of the virtual lunch table known as #LetsLunch. Anyone interested can join this monthly ‘lunch date’ at any time. I adore all the posts from the U.S but would really love to see more Aussies be a part of […]

Lemon Tarts

Tiny Lemon Tarts

A High Tea Treat: Tiny Very Rustic Home Made Lemon Tarts This is the recipe I used for tiny little lemon tarts that I made for daughter Jessie’s birthday high tea.  I have had lots of requests for the recipe, so thought I’d better share. I tried a few different pastry recipes and this one […]