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Here is (a cropped version of) one of the chiffon cake pics that didn't make it into the book. This is a good shot of the cake itself - you can really get an idea of colour, height and texture.
Merelyn's custard chiffon cake, ready to go into the oven. The cake batter almost reaches the top of the tin.
Custard chiffon cake cooling on a bottle. Always always always make sure your bottle will fit in the funnel of your tin BEFORE you start baking!
When the chocolate chiffon cake batter is put in the tin, it should come at least 3/4 up the sides. It is a thick, moussey batter with lots of air from those lovely whisked egg whites.
IMMEDIATELY invert the chocolate chiffon cake onto a bottle until it is completely cool. You will need to cut the cake out of the tin.
Finished chocolate chiffon cake.
THIS is the sort of tin you need to find. NOT non-stick. Must have a removable base with a centre funnel. Will have little 'feet' sticking up at the top, which, when you invert it after baking, will become the feet at the botton.
Do NOT buy this tin for our chiffon cakes please! This is a non-stick chiffon tin.
Do not buy the red silicon tin for chiffon cakes. Please buy it for our carrot is perfect!
This red silicon tin is PERFECT for our honey cake (there is no better!) but it will NOT do for a chiffon cake!

Time to get the chiffon cake right…

This is the start of our chiffon cake album so EVERYONE can get it right. We show you the wrong and the right tins to buy, and give a few important tips. We will keep adding to this album with more “how-to” for the chiffons…