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The kindlech dough is cut into four pieces after being in the fridge overnight.
The kindlech pastry has been rolled and then filled with the magical ingredients. Now ready to egg wash and bake.
Gorgeous golden logs of kindlech. Cool, slice, devour.
How wonderful - an entire stand of "Monday Morning Cooing Club - the food, the stories, the sisterhood'. This makes us SOOOO proud!'.
Jaks, as always, ready to start selling and signing.
(From left) Lisa, Merelyn, Jaks
Merelyn concentrating SO hard on that cheesecake pastry base!
The golden, lattice-topped Hungarian cheese cake.
A cut slice of the Hungarian cheesecake. One word. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

MMCC at David Jones ‘Girls Night Out’

On the 8th May 2012, David Jones Bondi held a ‘Girls Night Out’ VIP customer evening. We were invited to set up at the demo kitchen in the food hall, and share some Mothers’ day treats with the shoppers. We made Souhariki (p. 123), Kindlech (p. 97) and Hungarian Cheese Cake (p. 108)  and the crowd went wild! Here are a few snapshots of our prep and during the evening. We had a blast, and can’t wait to be back there at Christmas.