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This is the starting point. In a well of flour, combine the yeast, sugar and water.
Yeast bubbling and becoming active.
When the mixture in the well froths and bubbles, you know the yeast is active.
After adding and combining the rest of the sugar, salt, egg and oil in the well, start incorporating all the flour into the liquid centre.
Knead, knead and knead...
Allow the dough to rise until doubled in size, around 2 - 3 hours
After the rise, the dough is ready to plait.
Plait the dough into the traditional challah shape. These are 3 strand plaits, the simplest way to do it. A 6 strand is amazing, but takes a little practice!
Sprinkle with seeds and bake.
Remove from the oven when the challahs have turned a deep golden brown.
Best Sunday breakfast? Challah toast with butter!

Making Challah

We made the challah from the book…a wonderful recipe from Chanie – see page 262. This is something that is really so much easier than anyone thinks. Once you have made it a couple of times, it will become a simple thing to whip up every week.