Private or Corporate Online Cooking Classes

Master delicious dishes from your own kitchen 
private cooking class

For a unique and personalised cooking experience like no other, book a private or corporate cooking class with Monday Morning Cooking Club’s Chief Pot Stirrer, Lisa Goldberg.

These intimate cooking classes – created just for you – are perfect for a birthday, hens party, corporate function/team building, anniversary or date night. And you can invite friends, family or co-workers from any part of the world to join in!

In these classes, Lisa will share the most delicious and treasured recipes collected and perfected over decades which can now become part of your cooking repertoire.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask all your planning, cooking and entertaining questions and pick up so many useful technical tips and skills along the way.

 Whether you’re new to the kitchen or have been cooking up a storm for longer than you care to admit, these fun and interactive classes are perfect for everyone. 

 How it works

These specialised 60 – 120 minutes classes will be conducted via zoom meeting so all you need is a laptop or tablet and a good internet connection.

 Sessions start at $3000. The cost will vary, depending on the number of people, the dishes to be cooked and the length of the class.

If you are interested, please get in touch with Lisa to discuss the menu, structure, and cost of your class.

Once you have booked your private class, you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link and a list of the ingredients you will need to prepare before the class starts. On the day of the class, you will also receive the complete recipes and any extra notes and links. A video of the class will be available for you to watch afterward.

 If you’re in Sydney and interested in a private cooking class in the Monday Morning Cooking Club kitchen, or your own specialised class, get in touch today!

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Now for Something Sweet

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⭐️Dried Apricot Sweet⭐️. APRICOT PLETZLACH 

1 kg Australian/Californian (not Turkish) 
        dried apricots* 
6 cups sugar**
caster sugar, to sprinkle

*you can also use the diced Australian dried apricots.

Heavy bottomed saucepan
Wooden spoon
Stick blender/bamix
Large chopping board

**for my taste, I used 1 cup sugar for 250 g apricots

***Note also - this is a huge quantity to start with. Try 250 g for starters and see how you go.

87 3



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