Yom Kippur is almost here. And we are here to help in the best way we can.

Breaking the Fast? Or Just Need Do-Ahead Dishes? We’re Here to Help

If you’re looking for end-of-Yom Kippur inspiration, here it is. Or if you’re looking for do-ahead dishes, here they are.

Need some ideas for the best recipes for the feast to break the fast? Need some ideas for the best recipes to make a day ahead?

Most of the recipes come from our books, and a few can be found on the website, along with some videos, see links below.

We’ve made a note of page numbers: MMCC is our first book, Monday Morning Cooking Club, TFGO is  The Feast Goes On and AATF is It’s Always About the Food.

We’ve chosen dishes that can all be prepared the day before and suit either a heavier ‘meat’ meal or a lighter meatless meal. And we’ve added a Middle Eastern meal just for fun. They are just ideas to get you started. Any questions? Send us an email!

And don’t forget the amazing honey cakes and other New Year’s treats here.

Wishing everyone well over the fast!
The MMCC gals xx


Going the ‘no-meat’ Route

Salmon Pastrami (TFGO p. 24)
Norwegian Herring Salad (AATF p. 21)
Spinach and Feta Coils (recipe here) (TFGO p.55)
Onion Tart (TFGO p. 33)
BBQ Salmon with Quinoa Herb Salad (AATF p. )
Sara’s Loskshen Kugel (MMCC p. 62) (recipe and video here)
Frozen Lemon Meringue (recipe and video here)
Chocolate Yeast Kugelhopf (TFGO p. 214) (recipe and video here)
Irene’s Cinnamon Buns (Bulkas) (MMCC p.186)




Going the ‘Meat’ Route


Chopped Herring and Kichel (MMCC p. 161)
Sara’s Pickled Brisket (MMCC p.66)
New York Coleslaw (AATF p.90)
German Potato Salad (AATF p.202)
Almond Bread (AATF p. 289)
Orange Chiffon Cake (MMCC p. 107)
Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse (AATF p. )





Going the Middle Eastern Route

Black Eyed Bean Hummus (recipe here) (AATF p. 48)
Roasted Beetroot Dip (AATF p. 46)
Middle Eastern Crunch Salad (TFGO p. 46) (recipe and video here)
Middle Eastern Kompot (TFGO p. 137)
Halva Biscuits (AATF p. 292)
Menenas (AATF p. 294)
Kakas and Babas (AATF p. 274)





We’ve put them on special for this week only….click RIGHT HERE.





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A super bright and fresh idea for a lunch/dinner/anytime salad using sweet tomatoes and feta cheese.⁠

Choose the ripest tomatoes you can find. If yours are not super sweet, just slice and salt them about an hour ahead of serving, then drain off any liquid - the sweetness will be more concentrated.⁠

You can find the recipe - Heirloom Tomato Salad with Feta Dressing - p.82 in our third book, It's Always About the Food, or on our website. Just click the link in or profile then click on the pic and it will take you right there.⁠

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A new week.⁠
A new season.⁠

What's everyone cooking this week?⁠

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