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Check out what's on for the MMCC girls in 2014

MMCC upcoming events for 2014:

June 2014
Monday Morning Cooking Club – the food the stories the sisterhood‘  released in the U.K. YAY!!

Thursday 17 July 2014, 10.30 a.m.
Lisa and Natanya will be chatting to Linda Mottram on ABC 702 Sydney about all things pastry

Thursday 24 July 2014, 7.30 p.m.
Join Lisa and Merelyn at a charity event (Sydney, East). We will demo a couple of fabulous quick and easy recipes from The Feast Goes On and then (along with a special guest from the book!) tell our story, giving unique insight into the MMCC and all the wonderful recipes and stories we’ve collected along the way.
And of course, there will be plenty of drinks and delicious tastes from the book!
If you would like to come along and need more information, please contact us through this website.

Friday 25 July, 10.00 a.m – 11.00 a.m.
Lisa and Merelyn will be at Woollahra library, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, for a ‘Tea Topic’ talk. Entrance is free but bookings are essential.

Sunday 24 August 2014
Lisa and Merelyn will be speaking at the Sydney Jewish Writers Festival. More details soon.

2 September 2014
The Feast Goes On will be released in the U.S.and the U.K.

Thursday 16 October, 2014
National Gallery of Victoria Womens Association Garden Day. Come along and meet Jacqui (and her daughter Lexi) who will be there to talk all things MMCC and will be selling (and signing) books with all profits going to the NGVWA.


There’s more to come … watch this space!

So how can you buy ‘The Feast Goes On’ ?

The book is available in book stores across Australiaand will be released in the USA and UK later in the September.

If you order from our online store , we will ship on the next business day. The cost of the book is $50.

TFGO front cover screen shot


Monday 24th – Wednesday 26th March 2014 
The girls are heading to Melbourne for a few days of serious launching!

Catch us on Monday 24th at 6 pm in the Eastern suburbs – email us for more details

or Tuesday 25th at 6 pm at My Bookshop by Corrie Perkin in Malvern Rd, Hawksburn, but please make sure you reserve your spot!

Monday 31st March 2014
All Sydney media and bloggers are welcome to join us for the Sydney launch of Monday Morning Cooking Club – the feast goes on.

For more info, email us.

Tuesday 1st April 2014
Official launch date of Monday Morning Cooking Club – the feast goes on

Saturday 3rd May
Join Lisa, Merelyn and Natanya at the SMH Growers Market for a pre-Mothers Day cooking demo. The newly released Monday Morning Cooking Club – the feast goes on will be for sale and the girls will happily sign your copy. The book makes the MOST wonderful Mothers’ Day present!

Tuesday 13 May 2014, 10.30 a.m:
Accoutrement Cooking School, Mosman, Sydney
Lisa, Merelyn and Natanya will be sharing new recipes and stories from the newly released ‘Monday Morning Cooking Club – the feast goes on’

Thursday 15th May, 10.30 a.m.
Lisa and Merelyn will be chatting to Linda Mottram on ABC 702 Sydney about The Feast Goes On

Monday 2 June 2014, 10.00 a.m – 1.00 p.m
Anneka Manning’s Bake Club, Rosebery, Sydney
Discover precious family favourite recipes of the Australian Jewish community, renowned for their baking prowess. From Birdseed Slice to Custard Chiffon cake, from Prune and Chocolate Cake to Poppyseed Beigli, by the end of this session you’ll understand why Nigella Lawson calls our book “Pure Cosy Joy”.

Tuesday 17 June, 12 noon
Launching ‘The Feast Goes On‘ on the Gold Coast. Contact us for more details.

Tuesday 17 June, evening
Launching ‘The Feast Goes On‘ in Brisbane. More details soon.

Wednesday 18 June. 8.30 a.m
Join us for breakfast at Riverbend Books, Brisbane

Thursday 19th June, 10.30 a.m.
Lisa and Merelyn will be chatting to Linda Mottram on ABC 702 Sydney about baking with ground nuts



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